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Related post: Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 06:56:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchell Subject: Quality Family Time - Chapter 5(Incest: m/t/b)The following is a fictional story dreamed up by the writer's overactive imagination, and any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the writer. You may distribute this story electronically as you wish with this header intact, and you can print out one copy for your asian loli underage model personal use, but any other publication of this material will require the writer's written consent. Comments and especially encouragement are welcome. Enjoy!Quality youth tube preteen lolita Family Time - Chapter 5 A few months had now passed since 15yo lolita lingerie models the family's summer vacation. It was the middle of winter, and Josh was now eleven. Aaron's fourteenth birthday was only a couple of weeks away. Once Aaron's brace came off, Aaron fulfilled his sweet nude lolita gallery promise to Josh, and he jerked him off. But the boys both found that they enjoyed being sucked off more. Even though Aaron could now take care of his own dick, the boys were frequently sucking each other or jerking each other off. One thing Aaron really missed was his private time with his dad. Once the brace came off, russian underage lolita pics Todd no longer came to his room to jerk him off. Aaron hadn't sweet littel lolitas pics even seen his dad naked since that night he'd taught Josh how to masturbate. While little lolitas panty pics Aaron certainly liked nifty lolita preteen imageboard his brother's dick, he lusted after his dad's more. When his mom announced she was going to spend a young nn model lolita weekend with her sister, Aaron felt a twinge of hope. Maybe that 16 yo panty lolita weekend would provide some opportunity for him with his dad. Since Sherry was a stay-at-home mom, Todd encouraged her to take these little breaks from the kids occasionally. He realized how much work she went through lolita bbs guestbook forum for their children, and he was only too happy to take full responsibility for them for a few days every once in a while. Sherry could come back recharged and relaxed, which was only good for everyone in the long run. Todd had a long, hectic day at work that Friday, the first day Sherry was gone. He had to call a family friend to get her to pick up Amanda little lolita gallary xxx from day care. When she dropped Amanda off, she also checked in with the boys, who had been home from school for a couple of hours by then. Everything was fine; the house hadn't burned down. Todd was home within a half an hour after that, and he thanked the friend for helping out. After she left, Todd connected with his children as they described the highlights of their youth tube lolita bbs days, and then his thoughts turned to food. Since he didn't really feel like cooking tonight, he asked them where they'd like to go eat. "Martian Madness!" Josh piped up. Amanda's eyes sparkled with excitement, and she looked preteen models and lolitas eagerly lolitas bbs remix crazy at her dad. Todd chuckled. Why he'd even bothered to ask, he didn't know. That was their favorite restaurant. It was aimed at kids with lots of games set up in one section of the restaurant, and it only served pizza. "Okay, I'll get changed, and pre teen lolita models we can go," Todd said. Amanda and Josh cheered. Aaron was happy with the choice too, but he held back his exuberance, thinking that it was the more "mature" thing to do. The family spent a couple hours at the restaurant where the kids stuffed themselves with pizza, and then proceeded to play every game. Amanda was obsessed with the "Whack a Martian" game, which involved hitting little green figures with a large, soft mallet as they popped randomly up out of nine holes. By the time they got back home, Amanda could barely keep her eyes open. Todd skipped his usual bedtime story for her as she fell asleep almost as soon as she got into bed. After his busy day, Todd knew he wouldn't be awake much longer either. The next day Todd spent most of it cleaning the house and doing laundry. On his own initiative, Aaron helped his dad with some of the vacuuming and dusting. That night, Todd cooked dinner for them. Then they played a couple of board games before Amanda's bedtime. After she got into bed, Todd read her a story, lolita pthc preteen toplist kissed her goodnight, and tucked her in. Then Todd headed to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. He walked to the family room where Aaron and Josh were watching TV. "Movie time?" Todd lola e preteens pink asked. "Yeah!" Todd sat down as the boys put in one of their favorite action movies that they knew their dad liked too. bbs lolita cp sites board dorki image loli After watching for about a half hour, pic lolita little hot Todd needed another beer. "Should I make some popcorn?" Todd asked, getting underage nymphet lolita videos up. "Sure," Aaron answered. "Yeah," Josh agreed. Since they'd already watched the movie together at least five times, Todd wasn't too worried about missing little naked underage lolita anything important photos archive lolitas preteens as he prepared the popcorn in the kitchen. He poured the popcorn into a large bowl anime free hentai lolicon and grabbed another index lolita girl jpg beer. Back in the family room he sat down in the middle of the couch. Aaron slid over to lolit teen petite models sit closer to Todd, and Josh hopped up off the floor to sit down on the pre teen underage lolis other side of his dad. Once they'd finished the popcorn, both boys remained huddled up close to their dad for the remainder of the movie. It was almost 10:30 when the movie finished. Although it was fairly close to Josh's bedtime, Todd decided to make an exception and offered them the option of another movie. "Do I get to stay up?" Josh asked. "Yes." "Can we go in the hot tub instead?" Aaron asked. "Sure, we can anna nude 10yo loli do that. What naked lolitas boys only do you think?" Todd asked, looking at Josh. "Yeah, let's go in the hot tub," Josh agreed. "Okay." "Do we have to wear our free lolita baby porn swim trunks?" Aaron asked. "I s'pose not. It's just the three of us, we can go 9yo loli in natura naked," Todd answered. pre lolitas nudes preview topless little lolicon girls "Cool!" Josh said, and Aaron grinned. They got up and headed into the basement. When Todd had remodeled the basement a few years lolita art girls nude ago, he added the hot sexy lolitas models sites tub in one corner of the space. He used it fairly often to soothe minor backaches from working out or from sitting too long at work. Todd pulled the cover off the tub and propped it up against the wall. Then he tossed some chemicals into the water and switched on little lolli girlies ls the jets. Aaron quickly undressed and climbed in. Todd russian lolita cp kds was soon naked too, and Aaron relished the sight of his dad's cock as he climbed in. Josh finally joined them, slowly exposing his skin to the hot water before sitting down. Aaron and Josh maxs loli board links sat together on one side lolita models sample pics of the tub and Todd sat across from them. As they talked, Aaron shifted a little closer to angel lolita nymphet pic his brother, and found his hand under young asian lolita pics the water. He gently grabbed Josh's hand and pulled it over to his crotch and placed it on his penis. Josh glanced at him and gave him a mischievous look as his hand started pure lolita nymphet porn to massage Aaron's penis. Aaron's hand slid over his brother's leg and grabbed Josh's penis and started manipulating it. Both boys quickly hardened under the other's ministrations. Soon they were having a hard time keeping up with the conversation as they concentrated on jerking the other off. "Hey, what are you two up to?" Todd asked, raising an eyebrow as he noticed their silence and the odd angle at which their arms disappeared into the water. Josh giggled and looked preteens 12 years lolitas at his brother. cafe bianca loli bbs Aaron glanced at him, smiled, and then looked back at their dad. "We're littli nude lolita photos just playing," Aaron answered, standing up to reveal his erection. Josh giggled again, and stood up next to his brother to show off his erection too. Then Josh reached over and started playing with Aaron's penis again. Todd just chuckled, "All right." Aaron slipped out of Josh's hand and moved over to sit down next to his dad. "I bet Dad's pretty horny cuz Mom's gone," Aaron told his brother. Aaron slid lolita boy naked cp his right hand under the water and found his dad's hairy thigh. He started to slide his hand up lolita virgin pics the thigh. "Yeah, that's just lolita top site true," Todd admitted. Now that he thought about it, it had been about a month since drunk lolita home pic he and Sherry had last had sex. His lolitas girls in thongs last orgasm was from over a week ago when he'd quickly jerked off in the shower. Aaron's hand stopped when it reached his dad's lolita next generation toplist crotch. He gently cupped his dad's balls and dick in his hand. Josh moved over to join them, sitting down on the other side of their dad. Todd lifted his arms and put them on the rim of the hot tub, allowing his sons to snuggle up tiny budding lolita tits under each arm. Aaron looked at Josh, and then looked pointedly down at the water. Josh followed Aaron's lead, and soon both their hands were caressing their father's cock. "What's this?" Todd asked in a mocking voice. "I think you two are ganging up on me." very young preteen lolita Josh giggled some more, very young lolly models and Aaron just smiled. As he had planned and hoped, their dad's cock was starting to thicken and lengthen under their pre loli photo galleries caresses. Once it had unfurled tiny lolitas incest gallery to its full six inches, Aaron wrapped his fist around wild nymphets shock lolita the base of Todd's erection, and Josh wrapped his smaller hand around the shaft just above Aaron's hand. They slowly started moving in unison, stroking up and down their dad's erection. Todd tilted his head back to rest it best lolita modelling sites against the edge lollipop pre teen models of the tub and closed his eyes, a slight grin on his face. He enjoyed the angels top models lolita tingles of pleasure in his groin as his two sons' hands stroked his rod. They preteen lolitas lolitas world went up and down slowly many times, and he started to feel the sexual pressure build in his crotch. "All right guys," Todd said as he felt himself get russian lolitos little girls forbidden little girls lolitas closer to an orgasm. He lifted his head and looked at his boys. preteen loli little world "You better stop, or I'm going to make a big mess in the hot tub." "Cool! Make a big mess!" Aaron urged, continuing to stroke. "Yeah! It's awesome when you shoot," Josh chimed in. preteen lolas underwar modils Todd chuckled. He reached down and brushed their hands away. "Okay, okay," he gave in, standing up, his erection jutting out proudly from his body. The head was engorged and purple. "But not in the tub. Let's go back to Aaron's room." Aaron practically leaped out of the hot tub and ran down the hall to his room. Josh climbed out and followed him while Todd turned off the jets and dried off. When Todd entered Aaron's room, both boys were standing on either side of the lolita xxx anal clips bed, beads of water glistening on their bare flesh. "Lay down," lolita tween girl pics Aaron offered. Todd climbed onto the young lolitas exotic stories bed and laid on his back, tucking his right arm behind his head. Aaron was holding a bottle of hand lotion, and he popped open the lid and squirted a generous amount into his right palm. Closing the lid, he tossed the bottle onto the bed and climbed on the bed himself and knelt beside his dad. Todd's penis was still fully hard, and Aaron slid his palm up and down the length of it on both sides to distribute the lotion. Then he closed his preteen lolitas moving model fist around it and started to stroke up and down the length of it. Todd looked over at Josh, who still stood on one side of him. He admired his son's lean, young body, and the healthy erection between his legs. Then he slid his eyes over free young lolita mpeg to admire Aaron's lean body as well with his penis just as erect, capped by its small bed of brown pubic hair. "Let me do it too," Josh whined after Aaron had been stroking for a while. "Okay," Aaron said. He reluctantly removed his hand from Todd's erection, and Josh climbed onto the bed and wrapped his fist around his dad's erection and started stroking. "Put a little more lotion on it," Todd said. Aaron handed Josh the bottle, and Josh squirted some onto his palm and then went back to young models lolitas photos work. Aaron scooted up little topless lola teens a little closer to the head of the bed and reached out to gently fondle one of free children lolitas modeling Todd's nipples in each hand. "He likes this," Aaron told his brother. Aaron pinched Todd's nipples and then twisted them slightly back and forth. The twin sensations of Josh's stroking and Aaron's fondling of his nipples was incredible to Todd. underage lolita bbs xxx He felt himself quickly approaching orgasm again. His breathing started to get faster and shallower. "Stroke a little faster now," Todd gasped. Josh eagerly followed instructions. Aaron pinched his dad's nipples again and gently naked lolitas girls young twisted them. With a deep moan, Todd tensed up as his orgasm washed over him. Aaron and Josh stared intently at their dad's erection as it pulsed in Josh's hand and shot jet after jet of semen out the tip. Cum splattered across his chest and belly. One shot even hit Aaron nude lolita tits photos on the upper arm. As the last shot of sexy child lolita models cum seeped out, Todd grabbed Josh's hand and stopped him mid-stroke. "Sensitive," Todd was able to breathe. Josh smiled and pulled his hand away. Todd laid there for a minute, slowly efter kiddy virgin lolita coming down from his orgasm. Then he lolitas pree teen galleries glanced down at his naked body, surveying the semen landscape he'd created. "What a mess," Todd chuckled. "Yep, good job, Dad!" Aaron said, nodding. "That was sooo little lolitas underage cp cool," Josh agreed. lolitas littl underage pantis "Josh, hand me the Kleenix," Todd asked, pointing to the nightstand. Josh reached over and plucked them off the table and handed them to his dad. Todd pulled out a few and started mopping up the semen. Aaron grabbed a couple and helped. He also swiped the smudge on his arm. Once they'd cleaned up, Todd lista pornostar relatos lolitas took the clump of damp Kleenix and walked lil lole model sites over to the wastebasket to dump them inside. "I guess I owe you guys after that," Todd said, turning and looking at his boys. "Really?" Josh asked, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "Of course. Now, who wants to be first?" he asked. "Me! Me! Me!" Josh answered, bouncing on his knees on the bed. Todd top 100 lolita extreme looked at Aaron. "Go ahead, he can be first," Aaron offered. "Okay, you're first then buddy," Todd said. He sat down on the bed, and propped himself up against the headboard with a pillow behind his back. He spread his legs to make room for Josh. "Come sit between my legs with your back against free lolita bbs toplist my chest," Todd explained. Josh quickly slid into position, and Todd pulled his son close. His left hand started caressing Josh's smooth torso while his right hand slid between his legs. voung lolita non nude Todd gripped the base of Josh's approximately two and a half inch long erection between his thumb and forefinger. He noticed that the base of Josh's penis was slightly thicker than the end of the shaft. Todd slowly pulled the loose lolita fantasy girl movies skin along the shaft up to under his head, and then pulled it back down. He continued to caress his son's chest, loli dorki repon guestbook enjoying naked young loli teen age 15 lolitas naked the closeness of their bodies. Todd continued to jerk on his son's dick, and it didn't take long before it pulsed a few times in his fingers as Josh had a dry orgasm. Josh dutifully crawled out from between his dad's thighs and sat on the end of the bed. Aaron quickly took his place, resting his back against his dad's chest, placing his head against his dad's left shoulder. Todd grabbed the bottle of lotion and squirted some on Aaron's erection. Since Aaron's penis was big enough, Todd would use his fist on it. Todd russian lolita nude thumbs started stroking his son, and Aaron's eyes followed every movement, his stomach tingling in excitement as his dad jerked him off again after all this time. Aaron relished the feeling of secret spot lolita nude being this physically close to him again. He could feel his dad's flaccid penis and his coarse pubic hair against his preteen model lolly feet lower back as he nestled against him. As Todd's hand slid smoothly up and down his cock, Aaron wished it could last all night. His plan had worked out perfectly. But Aaron was so excited to be naked with his dad again that with just a few strokes on his erection, he could already feel that he was going to come any second. With two more strokes, Aaron exploded in pleasure. Todd milked his erection until semen stopped seeping out the tip. Aaron lay in his father's arms as his breathing returned to normal. Todd felt his eyes real tight lolitas pussy begin to grow heavy as he held the warm body of his son against him. The combination of the beer, the soothing dip in the hot tub, and then the great orgasm had now put him in a contented lance lollis in colorado state of complete exhaustion. "All right guys, time for me to go russian tgp porn lolita to bed. Your old man's very tired," Todd said. Aaron reluctantly moved away to let his dad get up. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" Aaron asked. Todd considered it for a moment, and then nodded. "Sure." "Me too?" Josh asked, not wanting to be left out. "Of course, buddy," Todd answered. Todd headed upstairs, too tired to retrieve his child porn kiddy loli clothes next to the hot tub. His sons followed, naked as well. hot lolita teens models Todd climbed into the king size bed in amateur lolita sex videos his room, and Aaron got in next to him. Todd laid on his side and Aaron snuggled up next to him. Josh laid down next to Aaron. Todd wrapped his arm around Aaron, and Aaron slipped his arm around his little brother's body. They fell asleep spooning each other.Copyright 2005 Mitchell Knight
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